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Die Gründerinnen hinter The Ocean Studio

Welcome to The Ocean Studio!

We are Sandra and Alessia, two sisters from Berlin with a profound connection to the sea and a shared love for natural cosmetics.

Being half-Italian, we often spent our summer holidays in the south of Italy as children. We would sit on the beach for hours, gazing out at the sea. These memories still evoke a longing in us today, and every year we are drawn back to the sea. After our beach vacations, we felt not only internally refreshed, but our skin also glowed.

Ever since we were children, we've had an interest in cosmetics. We tried and tested various products, whether it was our mother's carrot cream or our aunt's lavender oil. Over the years, we've deeply examined the ingredients of the cosmetics we used ourselves.

In the summer of 2020, during a dinner, we made the decision to develop our own natural cosmetics that embodies our story and our love for the sea. We delved into ingredients from the sea and discovered that seaweeds played a significant role in making our skin look regenerated and healthier than before. We wanted to combine this mix of mineral ingredients in our "To Go" cosmetics.

In collaboration with experienced cosmetic manufacturers, biologists, and chemists, we developed a high-quality and sustainable cosmetic line. Our cosmetics are not only vegan and made up of 99% natural ingredients but also stand out due to their elegant and sustainable design.

In addition to high-quality modern ingredients from the sea, we chose a special ingredient from the green algae: Astaxanthin.

Thus, The Ocean Studio was born - a tribute to the sea and the beauty of nature. We warmly invite you to discover our unique products and join us on a journey into the world of natural beauty care.

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