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Why is marine biodiversity so important to The Ocean Studio?

The oceans are the heart of our planet and an invaluable treasure of biodiversity and ecosystem services. This marine wonder plays a central role in our brand, The Ocean Studio.

Ecosystem Services: The underwater world offers us incredible benefits. It produces oxygen, regulates our climate, and provides us with food, medicines, and raw materials. The oceans are also indispensable for recreation and inspiration.

Resilience to Change: Biodiversity makes our marine ecosystems robust. It helps the oceans adapt to changes and endure disturbances. With every species that disappears, this system becomes more vulnerable.

Ecological Balance: Every creature in the sea has a function. The loss of just one species can affect the balance of the entire system.

How does The Ocean Studio contribute to biodiversity conservation?

Our love for the sea is reflected not only in our products but also in our commitment to protecting the marine environment.

Protection from Overfishing: We support initiatives that promote sustainable fishing practices to protect the biodiversity of the oceans.

Preservation of Habitats: Habitats such as coral reefs and mangroves are indispensable. By supporting projects that preserve and restore these habitats, each and every one of us can advocate for marine biodiversity (below you'll find a list of organizations that you can support).

Research and Education: Education is key. By investing in research and awareness, we increase understanding of the value and importance of marine biodiversity.

Combating Climate Change: Our oceans are our first line of defense against climate change. By promoting practices that reduce carbon emissions, we help protect our oceans.

Our Promise

At The Ocean Studio, we know that true beauty comes from within - and that applies to our planet as well. That's why the immense beauty and diversity of the oceans flow into each of our products. Our commitment to biodiversity is evident in our careful selection of the purest and most sustainable marine ingredients. For us, beauty means respecting the health of your skin and the abundance of life in the oceans. Every time you choose our products, you join our mission: To protect and nurture the blue heart of our planet.


Preserving marine biodiversity is not just a necessity but a passion for us. It's time for all of us to act to preserve the wonders of our oceans. With every The Ocean Studio product, you contribute to this cause.

Organisation which support our ocean´s ecosystem: 4Ocean, Safe the Reef, Karmagawa, Surfrider Foundation, Sea Shepard...


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